Welcome to the Spyke Repository!

This website is the official source of extensions for Spyke Viewer, a data analysis platform for electrophysiology and neural simulation data. To learn more about Spyke Viewer and how to use it, please visit the documentation. Spyke Viewer is designed to be easily extensible in many ways:

Analysis Plugins
The most common extension, analysis plugins allow the execution of arbitrary Python code with easy access to selected data. They are mostly used for plots and data analysis. Spyke Viewer includes a number of analysis plugins for commonly used plots by default.
IO Plugins
IO plugins are used to enable Spyke Viewer to use arbitrary data formats not currently supported by Neo. Each IO plugin is a Python class that supports reading and/or writing a particular format. These formats are typically files, but other formats such as databases are possible.
Startup script fragments can be used to modify the appearance or behavior of Spyke Viewer. They can be copied into the startup script and are executed when the application starts, before data or plugins are loaded.
Filters are Python functions that can be used to define and order the visible data objects in Spyke Viewer. They are often specific to certain datasets, but can be of more general use for example when they refer to annotations made by a Neo or plugin IO.
There are even more ways in which Spyke Viewer can be enhanced and customized, for example with alternative plugin start scripts.

On this website, you can find, download and comment extensions that other users have created or you can upload and share your own creations. By default, all extensions are licensed using the modified BSD license, as are Spyke Viewer itself and Neo. However, a custom license can be specified for each extension.

All extension files on this site include information about the "Viewer version". Note that this is just the version of Spyke Viewer in which the extension was created, not the only version with which it will work. Typically, an extension will work with all versions of Spyke Viewer or at least with more recent releases.