Execute stored plugin

Executes stored plugins. Does not require Spyke Viewer to be installed - spykeutils suffices. This script works in conjunction with store remote script. If the progressbar package is installed, the script provides a progress indicator for the plugin on the console.


python start_plugin_file.py plugin_data

Note: Currently, the script assumes that the data files required by the selections can be found under the same path during the execution of Spyke Viewer and when this script is started.


1.1: Support for transparently using IO plugins (needs store remote script version >= 1.1).

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1.1 0.4.0 Oct. 16, 2013 3.8 KB
1.0 0.3.0 June 18, 2013 3.7 KB


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Author: Robert Pröpper

Download most recent version: 1.1

License: BSD