Remote Script: Store

An alternative remote script that stores the complete execution context of an analysis plugin in a pickled file (plugin code, paramters and selections) instead of immediately executing it like the default remote script.

The stored file is named "plugin_data". By default, it is stored in the current directory (usually the directory from which you start Spyke Viewer). You can set a custom directory using the path parameter. It can be set by inserting the following line into the startup script:

spyke.config.remote_script_parameters = ['--path', '/your/chosen/directory']

The files can then be executed by another script. You can store multiple of the plugin_data files for future use (e.g. batch processing). In particular, the plugin does not have to be executed on the same machine, so it can be run on a compute server. The server does not need an installation of Spyke Viewer, only spykeutils. If you have a directory that is accessible by both the machine that runs Spyke Viewer and your compute server, this makes executing plugins on a server very quick and easy.


1.1: Support for IO plugins.

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Author: Robert Pröpper

Download most recent version: 1.1

License: BSD